Mandy's Giant Schnauzers

Amanda Kost

4429 Edgerton Road, North Royalton, Ohio 44133
European Working Riesenschnauzers

What is our Pricing?

Male or Female Pups -- $1500   ---  Non-refundable Deposit of $500 required to hold your pup

What is included?

We do not cut corners with our puppies.  We make sure to treat each puppy as if we intended to keep him or her in our own family.  

At three days of age, the puppies will visit the vet for a complete check.

Also at three days of age, the puppies will have their tails docked.  The tail is cropped mainly for cosmetic reasons.  Our vet does an excellent job of cropping the tail to the Giant Schnauzer standard length.

The health of our puppies comes first and that is why proper vaccination is so very crucial at their young age when they may be most susceptible to infection.  We vaccinate all our pups to insure their health and well being.  Your pup will come with a vaccination schedule to outline the vaccinations they have had up to the date of purchase.

Unfortunately, some pups may develop worms and it is for that reason that we are vigilant to de-worm our pups at the appropriate intervals in their development.  The de-worming schedule will also be listed with the pup's vaccination schedule.

All puppies will be sent home with an international microchip.  On your fist vet visit, have the vet insert the microchip.

Mandy's Giant Schnauzers stands behind their puppies.  Therefore, we offer a 1 year year health guarantee against any life threatening, hereditary or genetic diseases the puppy may develop.  This guarantee is in writing and comes to you in your NEW PUPPY PACKET.  NOTE:  It is your obligation to have the puppy seen by your vet within THREE (3) days of purchase. 

After you purchase your new pet from us, we will not disappear on you!  We are just a phone call or email away and are more than willing to try and help you as much as we can!  Please send photos and emails and let us know how the pup is doing!

It is important to us that your dog is healthy, happy and loved.  We breed for healthy, hard-working, loved Giants and though we believe you will not have a problem, we want you to know that we stand behind our dog!