European Working Riesenschnauzers

About us....

When I was growing up, my mother was a breeder of Miniature Schnauzers.  It was at that early age that I came in contact with my first Giant Schnauzer at another breeder's home.  Her name was Folly, imported from Germany, salt and pepper and had a loving temperament.  I immediately knew that one day, I would love to own a Giant.

Through the years, I also bred Miniature Schnauzers, waiting for the day that I would meet and bring home the perfect Giant.  That day came in July 2013.  Zelda vom Mutter Haus came home at 8 weeks to live with us.  Zelda developed a love in me for the giants and we quickly brought home Zelda's sister:  Bronte's Lacey vom Mutter Haus and we imported our male Jessee James Radinie, from the Czech Republic.

Our giants live in the house with us.  They are completely acclimated to the family life.  My son is a teenager and spends many hours 'rough housing' with them.  My daughter has a toddler and  Zelda was raised with my granddaughter.  All the giants are extrememly gentle with her.  We strive to develop the best temperament in our dogs while stimulating the 'working' sense of the breed.

We are truly dedicated to bringing to you the best our Giants can offer. 


Mandy's Giant Schnauzers

Amanda Kost
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