Each puppy is treated as if he or she will remain in this home for their life.  It is important that your giant is healthy, happy and loved.  I breed for healthy, hard working and loved Giants and though I believe you will not have a problem, I stand behind my pups.


For 2023: $2900 Pricing includes AKC registration.  Non-refundable deposit to hold a pup: $500

For 2024: $3000 Pricing includes AKC registration.  Non-refundable deposit to hold a pup: $500


As most of you know, I own and breed a European style pedigree of Giant Schnauzers.  I strongly believe in the mindset that Giant Schnauzers are a working breed and should be raised as such.  I also agree with the philosophy of keeping the Giant Schnauzer's tail and ears INTACT, which means NO tail docking or cropping of ears.  

So if you do not believe as I do, in the natural tail or natural ears on your Giant Schnauzer, you should definitely consider looking at a different breeder for your puppy.  I completely respect each individual's choices when it comes to tails and ears.  BUT Mandy’s Giant Schnauzer puppies must remain intact, it is in my contract that the puppies I breed cannot be altered.

Please be aware that I stand firm on this policy.


Giants are extremely loyal, protective, intelligent animals.  

They need a ton of socialization. 

They need obedience training from a reputable facility. 

They need exercise!

There are no breeding rights. 

NO spay or neuter until after 22 months of age.

For the success of the puppy and family, the Giant can not crated all day when owner is at work.

My giants retain their tail and natural ears.  Period.

Fenced yard is desired but realization that they will need a lot of exercise is needed. 

Pup must be seen by your vet within three days of moving to your home.

Puppies will not be shipped via airline or transported by land carrier.


At three days of age, the litter will visit the vet for a complete check

At 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age, each pup will be de-wormed using Nemex-2.  It is common for a pup to have roundworm and therefore it is treated.

At 4 weeks of age, pups will begin to move from the 'milk bar' to 'real food'.

At 6 weeks of age, pups are totally weaned from mom.  I am in no hurry to wean them as they transition to 'real food'.

At 7 weeks of age, each pup will receive a Puppy 5-way vaccination,  I do not vaccinate for Lepto


Five pound bag of puppy food

Binder filled with information: Contract, AKC Reunite MicroChip, Vaccination / De-worming information, Treats, Toys, Giant specific information

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